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Helping Real Estate Agents Dominate and Win More Business on Facebook since 2016

We help you build your Facebook Messenger Database so your;

  • Buyers see and engage with new listings and,
  • Sellers see and engage with your just sold and,
  • Market reports are sent directly in Messenger

Within 12 weeks there would be over 1,000 subscribers in your Messenger database just by following a simple strategy that's not being paid by you!

We can't see how you can lose!!!!

We are all about winning more business for real estate agents!

For peace of mind, unlike other Chatbot Builders, your subscriber data is stored in Australia and protected under Australian privacy law!

Chatbot Town is a brand owned and operated in Australia by the original Chatbot Agency

Campaign Demos

Conversations that Engage from Facebook Ads

Just Listed

Strategy #1 Engagement

Use VPA to market property onto Facebook "Only" targeted at locals to Engage.

Just Sold

Strategy #2 Annouce

Reach back out and collect the names who have interest in the market right now!

Market Report

Strategy #3 Inform

Share what's been happening in your market to the local area and segment!

Touch Base

Strategy #4 Message

Broadcast your message directly to Messenger from your Facebook Messenger List! 

Buyers Advocate

Wanting to Purchase

Run campaigns as single image testimonials & carousel campaigns that show properties that you have purchased for past clients!

Buyers Advocate

Wanting a Property

Onboard homeowners who would like to get above-market prices with testimonials, video message, or past purchased properties

Property Management

Sourcing More Properties

Use your Just Leased properties within a carousel and seek out landlords & investors looking for property management services

Property Management

Brand Awareness

Use a For Rent/Lease campaign to get in front of everyone (tenants included) and build your PM Brand at a lower Ad cost

More About Us

Mike Hillsdon

Mike has extensive digital experience spanning over 30 years, I am a full-service mobile marketing business specialist and chatbot ninja. I help empower small business owners and real estate agents to achieve marketing success on Facebook by generating leads through the art of conversation.

#1 Property Centre

When we started with Peter at the end of 2017 his agency had invested a great deal in the real estate portals and marketing on Facebook. He managed his Facebook marketing by following various "gurus" who were advising real estate agents without any accountability. Within the first week of taking over, we had more enquiry he received all year!

Bellerine Property

Bellerine Property has been following this strategy now for over 12 months with great results. Here is an interview with both of the principals outlining how we have assisted them and how the process has worked for them. A good real estate agent will stick to what they know best otherwise, go and do something else that you might be good at!

Frequently Asked Questions


Onboarding is quite simple!

We will send you a link to an online form where we will ask you for the following;

  • Profile Photo and Logo
  • Contact Details
  • A local Market Report in PDF of recent sales
  • Facebook Page Address
  • Facebook Ad Account ID

We will let you know when to expect delivery once we have received everything

Fair question and we love answering this one.


Once we start managing your account, we know that we can achieve the following results after 12 weeks;

  • Grow - Onboard 1,000 Messenger Subscribers
  • Who's thinking of Selling - 100 Market Report downloads per $100 spend on Facebook Ads
  • Onboarding Cost - The average cost per Messenger subscriber is only $2
  • Low-Cost  Ads - average of 1 cent per Facebook Ad impression


Also, did you know that you can conjunct with other agents if one of your buyers wants something you don't have?


Get in touch and ask us what we need from you to achieve these results


For every just listed you get, this is what you need to tell everyone about to assist with marketing your vendor's property. These campaigns also attract the attention of other property owners who may be thinking of selling so having this kind of automated process in place, means all subscribers are getting the response they are looking for immediately.

The process is quite a simple process - this is what we ask for once your account has been set up and is now under our management

  • Property Address
  • Attributes i.e. Bed, Bath, Car, Land Size, and other goodies like a pool
  • Open Home Times
  • Type of sale i.e. Private Sale with a Price (or no price) or Auction with date & time
  • Link to the listing on your website (NOT a portal like
  • Link to a virtual tour like Matterport - this is very cool in Messenger
  • Up to 6 property photos and a short description (up to 80 characters)
  • Short one sentence for your Facebook Ad copy
  • Property headline
  • And what the ad budget is i.e. $100

When we start to onboard you, we will also tell you a little secret on how to hold back the big portals!

If you ask us to setup a custom audience on Facebook where we will need the first name, last name, email and mobile phone of your database in an excel file, your data is only used by us in Australia (this IS NOT offshored) and will be deleted as soon as your custom audience has been set up within your Facebook Ads account.


Also to note, unlike other social media marketing or coaching businesses, we run all your ads through YOUR ads account (we will help you set it up) and we DO NOT use your paid-for audiences to run ads for any other clients.


It's your data, you paid for it, so it's your business ASSET!


Have a chat with the real estate portals and your coaches and ask them what they do with all your engagement data and ask them to sign off on it..... believe me, this has got to stop and breaches Australian privacy laws.



As part of your strategy, we need to run a just sold campaign where we showcase at least 6 of your most recent listings.

To run this kind of campaign we will need the following from you

  • 1 showcase image per property
  • Market Report PDF

This campaign will be run during the 3rd week of the month prior to warm up your market report audience

If you have heard that the Australian government is cracking down on the privacy of Australian residents, then you have heard right! Unlike other chatbot platforms, we also take privacy very seriously!


All your subscriber data is being stored securely and on servers in Australia. The only other party that will have access to your subscriber data is Facebook, but they own your subscriber as a user anyway so any breach there and you will need to take Facebook to court.


Please note, WE DO NOT share any analytic data on your subscribers with any other third person unless it's by a court order.


Don't burn the trust of your subscribers or clients by handing this kind of data over the 3rd parties that also share with their partners that may not necessarily have privacy laws in their business jurisdiction - it's scary folks!


Build trust with your clients and subscribers by saying "Any personal information we have stays in Australia"


This is the pointy end of your campaign each month. We ask you to prepare the following a few days before the end of month so you get the maximum out of your audience before your competing agents catch on.

We run 2 types of Ads;

  • One to your existing audiences using your recently sold properties
  • The second is a message we send directly to Messenger with a link directly to the report
  • What we will need;
    • Up to 6 recently just sold properties
    • 1 engaging image of local landmark
    • What the highest price in the area was
    • How many properties were sold and a
    • PDF of your report with addresses and sold price

This campaign will also segment your subscribers into both buyers and sellers and we will also know what reports they downloaded in the past so you can follow these subscribers up and connect and convert into an appraisal.

The best result we have had so far is 3 appraisals within 24 hours that turned into 2 listings that generated over $60k in GCI (Gross Commission Income) - we always challenge ourselves to beat this - it can also work when the whole country goes into lockdown.

Ok, we have been doing this since 2016 so we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Please note, we also try out new things especially when competition sneaks up and tries to mimic what's being done - we tend to work on this with Facebook Ads experts at Facebook.


So, here are the rules if we are managing your account aiming to get the results we say we can get!


You will;

  • Use our forms to set up your account
  • Use our forms to submit all your campaigns with the correct specifications
  • Commit to one new listing each week with a minimum of $100 ad spend
  • Commit to one just sold campaign mid month with a minimum spend of $100 on Ads
  • Commit to one market report campaign end of month with a minimum spend of $100 on Ads
    • Spend is approximately $100 per campaign per 1,000 subscribers
    • Prepare your Market Report and upload a short Market Report Video to your Facebook Page
  • Provide access to your Facebook page and Facebook Ads account
    • We have an NDA between us so it's all going to be ok
  • Have your Facebook Ads and Business Manager active at all times
  • Make sure your credit card is in Facebooks payment method and working
  • Respond and be responsible for all the follow up in your Facebook Page inbox
  • Pay us on time! We can shut your account off


We will

  • Setup your Chatbot using our templates with the information you provide
  • Setup your campaign funnels and ads campaigns within a reasonable amount of time
  • Manage your campaigns as per the information you provide to create the campaigns
  • Provide video tutorials to assist you with managing your followup to get more listings
  • Smack you if you press the BOOST button while we are managing your account
  • NOT share any of your results or share your data


Facebook will

  • Charge your Credit card
  • Send you reports each time your credit card is charged with campaign detail
  • Provide you with all the information in you need regarding your campaigns in business manager


Please note: That due to achieving success within the first 12 weeks, no other ads or 3rd party can run your ads account - there is a reason why we need 12 weeks, and everything can go pear shape if someone decides to do something different to what we are doing for your page - two words "Facebooks AI" don't screw with it, it will hurt you.


Additional Roles (at a charge)

  • Prepare your custom audience so Facebook accepts it
  • Facebook Training
  • Business Manager Training
  • One on One coaching for Social Media VPA
  • Out of scope graphics for socials
  • Facebook Page posts (we refer you to an Australia partner for this)
  • Area Market reports
  • Project Marketing for Off-The-Plan and Resort projects
  • Facebook and Messenger Strategy after the first 12 weeks 


Let's help you dominate and win more business! We know we Can!

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